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EMON AWARD 5 | Akihito Yoshida Exhibition

2016/07/30 sat - 08/11 thu

EMON AWARD focuses on fresh artists who develop new photography expressions. From July 30, 2016, the special prizewinner Akihito Yoshida solo exhibition will be taking place at Emon Photo Gallery. After he works as an elementary teacher for 6 years, becomes a photographer. He travels and takes documentary pictures around Asia, and actively publishes works in magazines and conducts photo exhibitions. Theme of his creation is “meanings of work.” We are honored to introduce his newest series “Tannery”. His sharp viewpoint cuts into structures of capitalistic society, and his technique of photography creates light and shadow with rich colors. Both elements lead the judges to choose him for the special prize.

Comments from Kotaro Iizawa (Photography Critic)


It is getting more difficult to catch all changes in the recent world with photography. With the pictures of labors at a tanned leather factory in Bangladesh, Akihito Yoshida tried tothe problem. He never looks away from the reality in front of him, and tries to make the audience imagine the harsh structure of modern capitalism society. This work is only the first step of“ manual labor series,” which seems to be continued to be created in much larger scale. Keeping this fresh viewpoint, I am excited to see his next steps.

About “Tannery” by Akihito Yoshida

Hazaribagh is the industrial area located in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh, and it is counted as one of the worlds most polluted areas. About 200 tanned leather factories are gathered in the area, and more than 20 thousand labors are working in the industry. During the complex process of making hide into leather, noxious chemicals are used repeatedly. Labors are in harsh health hazard because safety counterplans are not set up. The leather made into products like belts, bags, and shoes, and travels through the world including countries like Japan and reach our hands, but not many people realize the harsh environment of the labors.

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