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EMON AWARD 5 | Hiroyuki Yamada Exhibition

2016/06/17 fri - 07/09 sat

The EMON AWARD is a public award that seeks out artists who devote themselves to new forms of expression in the fields of photo and motion picture art. This year the award attracted 107 entries consisting of documentary, conceptual and motion picture art brimming with individuality, and in January a panel of expert judges from diverse spheres of the Japanese art world viewed the eight finalists give their final public presentations. The grand final winner this year was Hiroyuki Yamada, with his ambitious presentation that featured work on a projector.

The vibrant, purely intuitive phenomenon that is free of reliance on subject or technique—were I asked about the charm of the photograph, that would be one answer. However, it is clear that Yamada’s photographs differ from this description. His mixed media pieces record fragments of time and consciousness in photo, experimenting with what can be visualised in what he terms “the image in progressive form". His pieces are the fruit of a unique creative concept. Within them, light and shadow clashes, colliding together in an indescribable impulse somehow reminiscent of the passion that boils out from within us. They are not easy images to assimilate into reality. These works by Yamada represent a continuous experimentation into the potentialities of photo, via repeated oscillations between both positive and negative elements.


EMON AWARDは、写真・映像の新しい表現に挑む作家にフォーカスする公募展。ドキュメンタリー、コンセプチュアル、映像作品など107名の個性的な作品が寄せられ、今年1月、各界から8名の審査員を招き、ファイナリスト8名による公開プレゼンテーションが行われました。 


被写体や技法に依存しない(偶然が関与した際に顕れるドキュメンタリー特有の)瑞々しさに触れるような極めて感覚的なもの。 もし写真の魅力は? と問われるなら、それはひとつの回答になるかもしれません。しかし山田弘幸の場合、そうした瞬間を切り取る写真とは違うのは明らかです。

時間や意識の流動で起こるイメージの断片(Fragment)を写真で記録し、彼が言う『画像の進行形』を繋ぎ合わせてイメージの可視化を試みた様々なミクストメディア作品は、独特なコンセプトメイクによるものでしょう。内に宿る光と影がぶつかり、突き破ってくるもの。それは身体の内から沸き立つ熱に似た正体不明の衝動であり、簡単に解き明かせるものではありません。 負と正の狭間を振子のように行き来しながら繰り返し実験を行って写真の可能性を模索しています。

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