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Director's Choice Landscapes | Luca Lupi × Sohta Kawaguchi

2016/12/02 fri - 12/24 sat

For the final exhibition of the year, EMON Photo Gallery presents a collaboration exhibit of landscapes portrayed by two artists, one from Japan and one from Italy.

The collaborative exhibition is comprised of works by Italian photographer Luca Lupi, invited by EMON after meeting at Fotofever in Paris in 2015, as well as winner of a reviewer award at Onaeba photo contest in 2014, Souta Kawaguchi. The theme is “horizons”.

Lupi gazes from the offing toward the shore, Kawaguchi from the shore into the far distance. There is a mathematical nuance to how they both collect on film the artificial (and sometimes natural) artefacts that intersect their horizons, however the vistas they seek to present are opposing. Lupi focuses on the civilization and nature in a constant state of evolution, hour by hour, drawing the cityscapes out of the horizon from his vantage point on a boat in the bay. These are contemporary documentary photos, but they are also landscapes configured geometrically, as if created with a scientific eye on graph paper. On the other hand, Kawaguchi travels on a photo journey of several hundred kilometers on his beloved bicycle, turning away from the architectural forms and usage of filters that are his specialty, and recording his numerous encounters with the horizon.

The series’ by these two artists were created at roughly the same time, yet lay in contrast. Lupi quietly expresses the sense of crisis inherent in civilizations such as ours that embrace manmade sophistry and societal phenomena. As if in response, Kawaguchi savors the scenery that nature provides. However, both shed all aspects of superfluity to grasp their subjects with powerful minimalism, taking totally ordinary scenes and sublimating them with a clear, crisp beauty.

Contrasting horizons. Perhaps they lay both at the edge of the distance into which we the viewers gaze, yet are also metaphors for the edges of the expanse that opens up inside us as we look upon them. I feel that they show to us another aspect of what the future holds for the possibilities of photographic expression.

Luca Lupi 1970 -

Born in Pontedera, province of Pisa,

Presently lives and works in Fucecchio, Florence in Italy.

Sohta Kawaguchi 1988 -

Born in Tokyo.

Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology,  Dept. of Architecture and   Building Engineering



ルカの視点は沖合から岸に向かい、川口は岸辺から遥か前方に。その水平線に交わる人工的な要素(時に自然物)を採取する両者の眼差しは数学的な分析が見られるものの、それぞれ相反する景観を提示しようとします。 ルカは、刻々と変貌を続ける文明と自然に焦点を当て、ボートに乗って沖合から見た水平線に現れる都市の姿を浮かび上がらせます。この写真は現代のドキュメンタリーでありながら、方眼紙に落とし込むような技法を駆使して幾何学的で淡々としたランドスケープを提示しています。一方で川口は、愛用の自転車を使って数百キロを移動する撮影旅行を行い、彼の専攻である建築的な視点とフィルターを濾して岸辺から見た数々の水平線との出会いを多数記録しました。


互いの水平線。その風景を通じて交えわるこの水平線は、悠か遠方を望む我々の視点の先にあると同時に、観るものの内部に拡がる空間の比喩として在るかも知れません。 それは未来に伸びる写真表現のひとつの可能性を私たちに見せてくれていると云えるのかも知れません。

ルカ・ルピ  1970 -



川口聡太 1988 -



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