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Naonori Nishiyama Exhibition

2016/03/18 fri - 04/16 sat

The Future of Then Photographer Naonori Nishiyama was born in 1977. His first experience with photography came at 18 years of age, and he worked in a photo studio until 2003 when he began a solo career. Now, against a foundation based in commercial photography, Naonori’s private work is permeated with a particular theme. 
The Future of Then explores the past, present and future, and is woven from snapshots that examine the nostalgia of one’s youth, taken over 12 years. Present-day children and suburban landscapes form the subjects of this series of photos that possess three distinct characteristics: ‘tricky’ camera work is eschewed and the subjects are treated with a stoic indifference; the vermillion tones of the prints tickle the memories of those who view them, conjuring a feeling of having slipped through time; and the portraits of the children who form the core subjects are deftly objectified—tools to be imbued with the thoughts and memories of the photographer himself. 
There is no attempt to emphasise a particular style or school, no attempt to attract sympathisers. Naonori Nishiyama’s documentary is perhaps rather an example of the strength and purity that photo can possess. 

Youth turns to adulthood. Youth; the empty canvas upon which dreams are painted, the pocket bulging with hopes and wishes. Personal memories are draped over the children of today as The Future of Then moves through those days of youth toward the awaiting future in this sensitive message from photographer Naonori Nishiyama. 

EMON Director Seiji Komatsu 

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