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Osamu Yokonami Exhibition

2016/09/02 fri - 10/08 sat

EMON Photo Gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of new works by photographer Osamu Yokonami on September 3rd. The exhibition includes Yokonami’s Assembly series, started in 2010, together with completely new works under the name Assembly Snow. These works capture groups of teenage girls all clad in similar clothing, gathered together in the mountain snow or by the seaside for some kind of fantastical congregation. The photos contain Yokonami’s signature attention to costume, rhythmical composition, and unique humour, all of which tempt us observers toward the whimsical play of his subjects. This special exhibition will be available for viewing at EMON Gallery as well as at Daikanyama Photo Fair from September 30th to October 2nd. EMON welcomes one and all to view these works in Hiroo and Daikanyama.


Opening Reception

2nd September Fri 18:00- 

"Assembly" in Daikanyama Photo Fair 2016 

2016.09.30fri → 10.02sun 

Daikanyama Hillside Forum and Hillside Plaza 

Artist Statement 

Up until this point, the series entitled Assembly took a bird’s eye view of separate gatherings in an attempt to express the strength of congregation. Assembly Snow now seeks to overlay and melt the individuals together into one whole. A simple means of achieving this was to slow the shutter speed, blurring individual forms together. Rather than capturing what I saw before my eyes, the photos depict unforeseen images created during the developing process.

No one can exist in isolation 

We all help each other as we live 

I wanted to experience the image of individuals dissolving into a snow-white world. There, the individual vanished and the beauty of assembly became apparent. 

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