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Yuji Susaki Exhibition

2016/05/13 fri - 06/11 sat

Yuji Susaki graduated from Nihon University with a degree in photography before moving to the U.S. Since returning to Japan in 1992, his photographic activities have been multifaceted. He has worked as a photographer, producer and artist. Susaki has enjoyed considerable acclaim with European art collectors at art fairs in France and Belgium, and his exploration of the iconic Japanese cultural pastime of cosplay earned him awards at PX3 2013 in the Fine Art Photo Book and Fine Art Nude Professional categories. For his new work, Susaki explores the desires of the flesh. Human emotion has pulled at the boundaries between desire and sin since time immemorial, and Susaki attempts to release us from the restrictions of sexual morality. His latest series Hole of Human uses masks, peep holes and humour to repackage his analysis of the dangers of becoming enslaved by one’s own desire when trying to escape into the flesh of another. The focus of fetishism is to set the viewer’s imagination on fire by obscuring just enough to leave room for fantasy. Allow us to present to you the world of Yuji Susaki, clad in the culture of contemporary Japan.

EMON Director Seiji Komatsu

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