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On Labor | Akihito Yoshida Exhibition

Akihito Yoshida was born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1980. Just before turning thirty, Yoshida quit his job as a teaching staff at an elementary school and chose to devote himself to photography. Despite the obvious tumult of this sudden turn of events, Yoshida took his first step as a photographer emboldened by the understanding of his wife and two young children. A first foray into a textile mill in India in the summer of 2010 led Yoshida to Bangladesh and brick factory workers, shipbuilders, tanners and other inhabitants of the third world manufacturing industry scattered throughout the Asian subcontinent: people he has dedicated himself to capturing. Yoshida’s vigorous pursuit of subject has born eye-opening fruit in the form of the Nikkei National Geographic Photo Award in 2015, a 2016 nomination in the Paris Photo Aperture Foundation Photo Book Award, the EMON Grand Prix Award in 2016, and a show at Kyotographie Photo Festival in 2017. The initial ripple of excitement toward Yoshida’s talent among those close to him has now expanded, and attention is mounting.

“What is work?” is a question that fuels Yoshida on his journeys to the factories of South Asia, where working and surviving are often inextricably linked, and where sensory and physical modes of communication trump the rationalism of the first world. Yoshida shoots through the heat-induced shimmer to capture the human aspect–the skill, passion, and occasional glimpses of pride amongst the workers. These straight photographs do not owe their power to technique or emotion as much as a documentary photographer’s ability to capture the vibrance of “that moment” in intensely intuitive photos that have mesmerised many thus far. The quest that permeates the foundations of Yoshida’s approach has elements of journalistic drive, however it is not interested in reporting. Nor is it fine art photography. Why did he become a photographer? Why does he travel the Earth meeting labourers in far flung lands? As this young photographer brimming with ambition seeks the answers, could not his camera act to both capture the essence of that which surrounds him, whilst also pointing inward to shed light on his search for himself?

We would like to present, 『Calico Factory Artisans』2010、『BrickYard』2012、『Screw Factory』2012、

and『Construction Road』2012.

Please come and enjoy the works of photographer Akihito Yoshida.


In cooporation with:

Artsist Statement 

Since the beginning, my photography has consistently focused on the shipyards, textile mills, ironworks and other industrial sites of Bangladesh and India, yielding photos that capture the form of the physical labourers.

Most of these sites rely on the cheapness of labour and the overwhelming population of workers, that enable operations to be fuelled by waves of humans.

These forms—overworked flesh arched taut as it manufactures—embody the primitive essence of labor itself, and vividly conjure up the joys and ordeals extant within.

For us in 21st Century Japan, these scenes appear as remnants of an antiquated time, yet they provide a momentary glimpse of the very bedrock of our capitalist existence.

The more I gaze upon these workers, the more I am immersed in thought as to what it really means to work.


AKIHITO YOSHIDA Born in Miyazaki in 1980, Akihito Yoshida earned a degree in Special Education from Shiga University and then taught Japanese for a year at a university in Thailand.Upon returning to Japan,He taught at a primary school in Kyoto for six years and then, in 2010,began a career as a documentary photographer.He has self-published two photobooks-Brick Yard(200 copies,2014)and Tannery (500copies,2016)-and will soon publish a third, Falling Leaves(111copies,August 2017),documenting the lives of his grandmother and cousin.Winner of the 2016 Nikkei National Geographic Photography Award for People,he was also short-listed for the 2015 Paris Photo Aperture Foundation Photo book Award. Yoshida lives in Kyoto. 



2016  Participation KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016

2016  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PHOTO PRIZE 2015  People category First Prize 

2016  EMON PHOTO AWARD special prize 

2015  Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Award2015 First PhotoBook Shortlist 2015 

2015  konica Minolta Photo Premio Grand Prize2014  


2014  Konica Minolta Photo Premio Prize

2013  Kyoto Photograph bien’nāre

2013  Ueno Hikoma Awards, Japan Photography Art Encouraged Prize, Mainichi Newspaper, Japan

2012  Ueno Hikoma Awards, Japan Photography Art Encouraged Prize, Mainichi Newspaper, Japan

2011  Nominate,  EPSON Gallery Spot Light Institution  

2017/05/26 fri - 06/27 tue 

Opening Reception  05.26fri 18:00 Start (Free)

※Closed on 06.05mon and public holidays

Opening Reception    05.26fri 18:00 Start (Free)

Talk event  Yukari Ishii × Akihito Yoshida      

First part:    5.27sat 13:00〜14:00

Second part:5.27sat 14:30〜15:30  

1drink ・80seats  


Sorry all seats are SOLD OUT

On Labor | 吉田亮人展

2017/05/26 fri - 06/27 tue 

Opening Reception  05.26fri 18:00 Start (Free)

※臨時休廊  06.05mon 








 本展では『Calico Factory Artisans』2010、『BrickYard』2012、『Screw Factory』2012、『Construction Road』2012の4つのシリーズから構成して展示し、エディションを設けて作品を販売致します。是非この機会に、新進の写真家・吉田亮人の仕事をご高覧ください。



Opening Reception    05.26fri 18:00 Start (Free)



第1部:5.27sat 13:00〜14:00

第2部:5.27sat 14:30〜15:30  

1ドリンク付き・80名限定 入場料1000円



ライター。著書『12星座シリーズ』(WAVE出版)が120万部のベストセラーとなる。他に、『選んだ理由。』(ミシマ社)、『愛する人に。』『「美人」の条件』(以下、幻冬舎)、『後ろ歩きにすすむ旅』(イースト・プレス)、『子どもの自分に会う魔法 大人になってから読む児童文学』(白泉社)など多数。












2017 KYOTOGRAPIE2017メインパートナー出展

2016 EMON AWARD 特別賞

2016 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 写真賞2015 最優秀賞

2015 The Paris Photo Aperture Foundation 

PhotoBook Award2015 First PhotoBook部門

2015 京都グラフィー国際写真フェスティバルPLUS Best 4 

2014 コニカミノルタフォトプレミオ大賞

2013 上野彦馬賞 日本写真芸術学会奨励賞 他

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