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SAKURA | Kiiro Exhibition

EMON (Tokyo)    2017/03/15 wed - 04/08 sat 

Closing Party & Artist Talk Show 04.07fri 16:00 Start (Free)



Myomanji(Kyoto)2017.04.12 wed - 05.14 sun
総本山妙満寺(大書院)Open 9:00-16:00 ¥500 京都市左京区岩倉幡枝町91 



Artist Statement

The cherry tree is not brought to blossom by spring warmth,

it is spurred forth by the harsh cold of midwinter.

Fluttering, dancing blossoms in a blizzard that obscures

the surrounds and sheds life itself.

The calm, upward reaching shapes that disappear in transience

seemed to me as the roar of a dragon.


Memories of blossoms I gazed upon as a child remain somehow ungraspable, those elegant curves still disordered in my heart.










総本山 妙満寺 大書院


叡山電鉄 「木野」駅 下車徒歩5分


拝観料¥500 開館9:00〜16:00

協力:総本山妙満寺/株式会社片岡屏風店/print studio ENDO/株式会社ピクトリコ


EMON is happy to announce an exhibition of new work by photo artist Kiiro opening on March 15th, and its appearance at this year’s international photo fair KG+ in Kyoto.

Kiiro has dedicated himself to pursuing the cosmos flower, using his own photos of them to form his art. His multifarious creativity has seen him garner considerable attention at art fairs in art hubs such as Belgium and Paris where he has enchanted collectors the world over. 

Kiiro’s latest work takes a departure from the cosmos flowers he has taken as subject since 2009, and sees him turn his gaze to the flower that perhaps best symbolises Japan, the cherry blossom. In particular, his subject is the “yamazakura” mountain cherry blossom, untamed by the hand of man. Kiiro creates photo montage art out of the vast number of images he shoots, weaving a tapestry-like visualization of the poetry extant in the cherry blossom’s every aspect. He captures the protruding trunks and intertwining branches through which blossoms cascade and scatter in ultimate transience. Kiiro closely observes both the “calm” of full bloom and the “motion” of falling blossoms, and challenges himself to capture the true nature of both in a single instant of time.

While sympathetic to the aesthetics of master of tea ceremony Sen no Rikyuu, who said that “flowers should always be as if in a field”, Kiiro’s Sakura form a whole universe dedicated to expressing nature’s version of order and harmony. We are excited to present it in the form of a folding screen over four metres in length, together with six separate pieces.

After showing at Hiroo in Tokyo, this work will travel to the 2017 edition of international photo fair KG+ in Kyoto. The venue will be Myomanji temple, known as the home of the fabled bell of Anchin Kiyohime, and will be available for viewing in the reception hall from which the temple’s cherry blossom garden is admired.

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