The Photon and the Nude | Noriaki Yokosuka Exhibition

2017/01/19 thu - 02/16thu

Starting on January 19th for a period of one month, EMON Photo Gallery presents an exhibition of the earliest private works of photographer Noriaki Yokosuka, entitled The Photon and the Nude.

Born in 1937 in Yokohama, Noriaki Yokosuka (1937~2003) graduated from Nihon University, majoring in photography. He first started to make a name for himself during his days as a student working for Shiseido, and later through his activities as a freelancer. Yokosuka’s posters for Shiseido each achieved landmark status, cementing his position as a true pioneer of fashion photography and propelling him to pursue his private photographic art with renewed vigour. His talent for taking photos that no one else could is well-illustrated in a comment by photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, working for Dentsu Inc. at the time, who said “He’s the first photographer of whom I was jealous.” 

A unique tenacity that took Yokosuka to new artistic dimensions is to thank for the awe and envy with which the spectacular world of advertising views him. Sorcery may not be too strong a term to describe his fascination with light and the human form in particular, something readily apparent in his remaining private works. His obsession with the flesh, his pursuit of light, creative modes that made free use of polarisation – the experimental genius of Yokosuka remains hidden even after his death, until now.

This exhibition focuses on series’ created between 1964 and 1972, including his debut series Shafts, works from the series Optics, and other carefully selected pieces. The exhibit will include original prints.

We invite you to come and enjoy the works of a photographer who not only defined advertising photography, but throughout a lifetime of calmly burnishing his approach, was able to constantly challenge the new.


横須賀功光 Noriaki Yokosuka (1937−2003) 横浜生まれ、日大芸術学部写真学卒。学生時代から資生堂の仕事を手掛けて頭角を現し、卒業後はフリーとなって活躍。資生堂のポスターは次々と反響を呼んで瞬く間に広告写真の金字塔を打ち立て、その後も飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢いでファッションフォト、シリアスフォトを先駆していきました。「俺がはじめて嫉妬した写真家だった」と当時電通にいた荒木経惟氏が言うように、誰も真似ができない写真を撮る早熟の天才だったのです。


今展では、1964年から72年にかけて制作されたシリーズ作品を中心に、初期作品Shafts『射』 、Optics『檻』他から選りすぐり、当時焼かれたオリジナルプリントを交えてご紹介致します。


Shafts   射 (1964年)



Optics   檻 (1969年)

1965年にニューヨーク近代美術館に於いて「感応する眼(The Responsive Eye)」という展覧会が開催された。これがオプティカル・アートの最初のデモンストレーションであるといわれている。それらの要素を氏は巧みに取り入れ、肉体と幾何学パターンを写真で表現したオプティカル・イリュージョン(錯視)を呼び起こす作品を作り上げた。


Caves   壁 (1972年)



A Case of Exposure   光銀事件 (1989年)