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Street Rambler -PARIS | Takehiko Nakafuji Exhibition

2017/07/07 fri - 08/08 tue 

Opening Reception  07.07 fri 18:00 Start (Free)

EMON Photo Gallery would like to announce an exhibition by photographer Takehiko Nakafuji. Nakafuji is known for his edgy straight photos of cities, winning the Higashikawa Special Photographer Award in 2013, and the Hayashi Award in 2015. Nakafuji was also selected for the Contemporary Japanese Photography Exhibition at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, reflecting the increasing attention he is drawing of late. The upcoming EMON exhibition will feature a careful selection of his photos of Paris taken over six years, intermingled with some of his most recent pieces.

Nakafuji was born in Tokyo in 1970. He was part of the prestigious 1st Department of Literature at Waseda University, and graduated in photography at the Tokyo Visual Arts College. His private work shooting cities parallels with his work as a freelancer. He began with a documentary approach to shooting former socialist countries such as Russia and Cuba, and now extends to cities with large immigrant populations, such as Paris and New York. His vision lies in the narrow gap between the “snap” and the documentary photo, producing a significant body of monochrome work that deftly captures the interplay of light and shadow. Numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and France have helped Nakafuji diligently refine his creative expression over the years.

“As a photographer, I came across a strong vein of inspiration” Nakafuji says of Paris. He had traveled the world, yet settled on Paris: the home of Atget’s tranquillity, Bresson’s decisive moment, not to mention the masterpieces of Brassai and Kertész. “Even so, there is still untapped charm in this city” insisted Nakafuji on his numerous trips there, each time a little more drawn in by the sheer breadth of the city’s broadminded acceptance of diversity.

The questionable neon of the pleasure quarters, the wafting city aromas, the tree-lined roads and elegant, antiquated street corners overflowing with people of all creeds. Nakafuji melted into these scenes, and his photos pierce through the insignificant, daily goings on to scenes truly flamboyant in their vividness. His vision is more deliberate than a snap, yet lacks the sociality of documentary photography. Light and shadow is gladly welcomed through his lens in photos created not through a desire to suspend time, but perhaps in an effort to freely explore the realms of the unconscious.

The Paris series forms a lifework that Nakafuji wishes to continue building upon. As a single checkpoint in that process, photos in this exhibition represents the culmination of his journey so far, interspersed with elegant gelatine silver prints.

Takehiko Nakafuji Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1970. Withdrew from Waseda University 1st Literature Department, graduating from Tokyo Visual Arts Photography Department. Nakafuji has consistently focused on snapshots of cityscapes in Japan, Eastern Europe, Russia, Cuba, Paris, New York and more. He is the official photographer for rock acts such as Les Rallizes Dénudés, Yura Yura Teikoku, Masatoshi Tsunematsu and more. In addition to activities as an artist, he manages Gallery Niepce in Tokyo’s Yotsuya Sanchome area, conducting exhibitions and workshops there. His photo books are Enter The Mirror, Winterlicht, Night Crawler, Sakuan, Matapaan-Hokkaido, Paris, and Street.

Street Rambler -PARIS | 中藤毅彦展

 エモン・フォトギャラリーより、写真家・中藤毅彦展のご案内を致します。 中藤毅彦はエッジの利いた都市のストレートフォトで知られ、2013年東川賞特別作家賞、2015年林忠彦賞を受賞し、2016年東京都写真美術館「日本の新進作家展」に選ばれるなど、いま注目を集めている写真家です。本展は、この6年間で撮りためたパリの作品を選りすぐり、最新作を交えてお披露目します。  中藤は1970年東京生まれ。早稲田大学第一文学部を経て、東京ビジュアルアーツ写真学科を卒業。フリーランスの活動と平行させる「都市」を撮ったプライベートワークは、ロシアやキューバなどの旧社会主義国のドキュメンタリーに始まり、NYやパリの移民の集まる街に及んでいます。その視点は一貫してスナップとドキュメンタリーの狭間で追求され、光と影を巧みにとらえたモノクローム作品を次々と発表。日本やパリでも複数回個展を開くなど、自らの作品をよりいっそう洗練させていきました。  


 歓楽街の怪しげなネオンの光、蒸せ返り漂う街の匂い、街路樹や寂びた街角にあふれる多様な人種。中藤は自らその渦の中に身を溶かし、何気ない日常にある一瞬を射抜いた写真はまばゆいまでに鮮烈です。スナップほど軽快でなく、ドキュメンタリーほど社会性を持たない独特の視点。レンズを通して光と影を自在に取り込む中藤の眼は、永遠に時間を止めようと働く以外に作為はなく、体の深部の「無意識の領域」に淀みなくコンタクトすることによって創出される写真なのかもしれません。 ライフワークとしてこの先も撮り続けていきたいというパリシリーズ。その通過点にある本展は、これまでの集大成として構成されるエキシビション。丁寧に焼かれたゼラチンシルバープリント作品を織り交ぜ展覧致します。


1970年東京生まれ。 早稲田大学第一文学部中退。東京ビジュアルアーツ写真学科卒業。 都市のスナップショットを中心に作品を発表し続けている。 国内の他、東欧、ロシア、キューバ、パリ、ニューヨークなど世界各地を取材。 また、裸のラリーズ、ゆらゆら帝国、恒松正敏などのロックミュージシャンのオフィシャルカメラマンを担当するなどアーチストの撮影も行う。作家活動と共に、東京四谷三丁目にてギャラリー・二エプスを運営、展示の他、ワークショップ等多数開催。 写真集に『Enter the Mirror』,『Winterlicht』,『Night Crawler』,『Sakuan,Matapaan-Hokkaido』,『Paris』,『STREET RAMBLER』がある。 第29回東川賞特別作家賞受賞。第24回林忠彦賞受賞。

2017/07/07 fri - 08/08 tue 

Opening Reception  07.07 fri 18:00 Start (Free)

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