Period:2019/05/10 fri - 06/08 sat


マリー・パッサ   木村尚樹   宮原夢画   GENTAROABE 鈴木悠生 川口聡太









Architecture and Light

Period:2019/05/10 fri - 06/08 sat

Marie Passa, Naoki Kimura, Muga Miyahara, GENTAROABE,
Yu Suzuki, Sohta Kawaguchi

EMON Photo Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition entitled "Architecture and Light" by six photographers which focus on modern and contemporary architecture. Their work captures the beauty of the composition of light which shines into the structures of the buildings.

France based female photographer, Marie Passa photographs the architecture and interior of Le Corbusier and Luis Barragán. We present her major work, “Wittgenstein” which layers philosophical thoughts on reflective prismatic color in the natural light and the buildings. She offers us an unexpected view, reinvented and poetic and escapes from the descriptive rendition to push the limits of photography.
Naoki Kimura completed a Master’s Degree in art history with the emphasis on Renaissance art at a graduate school of Arts and Sciences. In "Nagi", Kimura’s gaze is trained on sculptures and architecture infused with history, capturing light and shadow which imbues an aspect of calm silent time. Although the photographs are made strict, Kimura’s work gives an elegant impression and in this character, his photographs have a Japanese spirit of decisiveness in the core.
Muga Miyahara focuses on the most symbolic place in traditional Japanese architecture. A ‘tokonoma’, usually a space for hanging scrolls and flowers for guests is now a stage to present daring ideas such as Surrealistic objects which are trigonal pyramids with unknown purposes, a cocoon-like something which hangs from the ceiling or an object which appears like a black tear. The imagination of Miyahara creates a scenery dizzy and dissimilated but yet we realize all scenes are presented in a Japanese minimum space in soft light and shadow.

And as an introduction to the three emerging artists, Yu Suzuki turned his eyes to the modern architecture created after the '60s. And GENTAROABE which paid attention to light and shadow reminiscent of the sign of the person. Then Sota Kawaguchi who studied architecture displays his photographic works.

The soft light of spring is also shining in the exhibition space of Emon Photo Gallery designed by architect Shigeru Ban. We would like to invite one and all to experience the show.


マリー・パッサ / Marie Passa


木村尚樹 / Naoki Kimura


宮原夢画 / Muga Miyahara


​鈴木悠生 / Yu Suzuki




川口聡太 Sohta Kawaguchi