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Hideo Kobayashi

Major Exhibitions and Fairs

2014 : SHIELD at Emon Photo Gallery・Tokyo

2014 : Fotofever Paris  (France)

2003 : Trace at Zeit-Foto Salon・Tokyo

2000 : Glass Box at Zeit-Foto Salon・Tokyo     

2000 : 31st Rencontres d'Arles・France

1999 : Criterium 41 at Mito Art Tower Contemporary

1999 : Art Center・Ibaraki

1999 : Common Boundary at The Center for Photography at Woodstock・New York

Photographic Deeds and New Ways of Seeing

A fisherman uses a pole or net to catch fish. I feel that my photographic activities are in some way similar. Entering physically into the setting, I manipulate the photographic apparatus and shoot, much as one would lay a snare. Altering the configuration of equipment and settings allows me to change the way in which I see and capture.  Dangling this ‘line’ into nature creates ripples on the surface—subtle transformations. I get the feeling that these minute reactions are the very things that provide us a new viewpoint to the familiarity of everyday life, and lead us to extraordinary places.

Hideo Kobayashi

On the Artist HIdeo Kobayashi

(by EMON Photo Gallery Director, Seiji Komatsu)

In 1999, Kobayashi presented ‘Chudan Sareta Basho’ (Interrupted Places) as part of the ‘Criterium’ series of exhibitions at Mito Art Tower’s Contemporary Art Center. He then went on to exhibit at the 31st Rencontres d'Arles.

Kobayashi maintains a consistent thematic approach, and his creative process stems from an attempt to negate the ‘everyday-ness’ of things. In Falling Light (2011) light is dropped onto a river surface to create pieces somehow reminiscent of the animism that hides in the Japanese psyche. Shield (2013), features a large cocoon-like ball of light, positioned in scenes of isolation to create the extraordinary out of the everyday

Hideo Kobayashi pursues photography with a unique perception, and we are happy to introduce creative works that testify to his status as an up-and-coming talent.

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