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Major Exhibitions and Fairs

1978 Born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

Graduated from Meisei University majoring in oil painting 


Art Fairs, Festivals

2013.TokyoPhoto (Tokyo)

2013.fotofever (Belgium)

2014.Daegu Photo Biennale (South Korea)

2014.fotofever (Paris)

2015.fotofever (Paris)

2016.Festival La Gacilly Photo(France)

2016.Photo Shanghai(Shanghai)

2017.KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ (Kyoto)

2018.Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo)

Major Awards

2013.International Fine Art Photography Award Judges Award for experimental work(France)

2014.International Photography Award 3rd Place for Collage work(Los Angeles)

2014.Le photobookfest sellected BEST30(France)


For a long time in my artist career, I’ve being working on the theme of the cosmos flower. Growing in colonies, appearing at summer’s end, this sweet flower is imbued with somehow a nostalgic aspect.


The tangled interweaving of stems and buds, it expresses the original definition of cosmos: an expansive, perhaps infinite vastness filled with order and beauty of a sort, yet also imbued with something like a feeling that all struggle in life is in vain.


Cosmos in Japanese is called ‘akizakura’ (autumn cherry blossom), and therefore it felt necessary to turn my gaze to ‘sakura’ (cherry blossom) that perhaps best symbolizes Japan. The protruding trunks seemed to me as a dragon flying up towards heaven, and in the intertwining branches through which blossoms cascade I see both the “calm” of full bloom and the “motion” of falling blossoms that form a whole universe.


With the photos I’ve taken, I analyze and superimpose image upon image, I add and subtract layers in my picturesque style. I try to overlay countless photographic fragments, trace time, and seek to somehow approach the beauty hidden within the cosmos or sakura flower.

Like Noh, where 100 different stories by 100 different people are born in the imagination of the viewer, my works are difficult to convey with words.

On the Artist Kiiro  

(by EMON Photo Gallery Director, Seiji Komatsu)

Kiiro’ s works are created through a similar technique to the layering of paints in oil painting, each finished piece fashioned subtly to achieve the desired balance from out of around 100 overlapping, individual photos.Viewing a field of cosmos flowers in his 30s, he is reminded of the dreams of his childhood. These memories are accompanied by a stark sense of distance between the present and days past, reinforcing his desire to retain and treasure them even now. The name Kiiro is itself a childhood nickname.

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