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Solo Exhibitions

2014 : SUMO, EMON Photo Gallery(Tokyo)

2013 : NORAINU, Onaeba Vol. 12 Pictorico Award Exhibition, iia Gallery(Tokyo)

Art Fairs

2014 : Fotofever Paris 2014 (France)

2014 : Tokyo photo 2014 (Tokyo) 

Statement by MOTOKI

Once every year ritual sumo matches are held at Yasukuni Shrine in honor of the gods.

Last May I went to see these matches.

It was the first time for me to witness live sumo.

This authentic sumo was a strange thing for me to behold.

Silent and expressionless, the wrestlers did not appear human.

And the sight of their naked, clashing bodies was somehow sacred, mystical.

It was my wish to try and express in photo the divinity I felt then.

On the Artist MOTOKI

(by EMON Photo Gallery Director, Seiji Komatsu)

Motoki’s profile is anything but ordinary. Raising two children to adulthood by herself, she became a patent attorney after the age of 40. Making use of her spare time she documented high school baseball, traveled to Aomori to shoot fighting dogs, and further throughout Asia capturing birds and stray dogs. As I learn of this spectacular personal history, I imagine that Motoki deliberately chose the furthermost environments in which to pursue her photography.

Switching between roles as mother, patent attorney and photographer, her passion for photography is amplified as though she had always been waiting for this part of her life to arrive. 

If inside every person were a vessel, and that vessel were visible, I would dearly like to see the one inside Motoki. Sharpening herself, concentrating her passion, pressing ever forward day after day—the bottom of the vessel of photographer Motoki must be very deep indeed.

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