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Naoki Kimura

Born in Osaka, Japan

1987 : Relocates to America

1989 : Completes master’s degree in History of Art at     Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

1990 : Travels to Florence, Italy.  Begins work as a fine art photographer

2000 : Activities as an artist begin in Japan

Major Solo Exhibitions

2015 : Nagi -through the window at Emon Photo Gallery

2014: Photo book “Nagi” publication commemorative exhibition Emon Phogo Gallery

2011 : PORTRAIT  at Emon Photo Gallery

2010 : Silent Monochrome at Emon Photo Gallery

2009 : Nagi at Emon Photo Gallery

Major Group Exhibitions

2013 : Director’s Choice Vol.3 B&W Exhibition at Emon Photo Gallery

2012 : Director’s Choice Vol.2 at Emon Photo Gallery

2007 : Creative project and magazine publication at MoMA, New York

Major Awards

2007 : Black & White Magazine Merit Award 2007 (USA)

2007 : Nomination for Spider Award 2007 (USA)

My interpretation of “Nagi”−lull−is “a moment of serenity”. It occurs spontaneously, accidentally and irregularly, in everything that flows with energy in the universe. Like the calm of the sea, there is a serenity to time despite its perpetual movement and flow, a serenity recognized by the five senses. Yet perhaps one may say that the serenity of sea and of time are also both symbolic moments, perceived with a separate sense that breathes life into the five senses. 

I create my works from this basic concept of lull as I sense it within myself, incorporating the “randomness” of each moment. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I illustrate “moments of serenity” as I perceive them in scenes produced through beautiful and delicate nuances of light and shadow. My works carry this sense of mission; I am particular about expressing any “lull” presented by all the elements: time, air, temperature, past, future, present and more.

Kimura is based in New York City, moving to the US in 1987 where he completed a Master’s Degree in art history with an emphasis on Renaissance art. One of Kimura’s research topics was iconology and its transformation in historical consciousness, the analysis of which led him to form a novel world-view informed by both the classical and modern.

With stoic attention to a monochromatic portrayal of his travels, Naoki Kimura’s creative expression is diffused with a sense of spatial ambience, richly imbued with the culture of the renaissance period. His work is a brilliant description of the beauty of light and shadow intertwining within the intersection of time and space, and carving into it a powerful reflection on antiquity.

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