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Major Exhibitions and Fairs

2016 : Assembly & Assembly Snow at EMON Photo Gallery

2014 : 1000 Children at EMON Photo Gallery

2013 : Assembly at De Soto gallery (L.A.)

2012 : Assembly at Shibuya Gallery

2009 : 100 Children at EMON Photo Gallery

2007 : Innocent at EMON Photo Gallery

Osamu Yokonami

Assembly by Osamu Yokonami

There are collective portraits where girls wear the same clothes.

Each person has their own personality.

I try to keep a bit of distance between us in this work.

Then,the existence of each person disappeared and the existence of the group appeared instead.

The strength and beauty as collective entity stood out more by being in nature.

The expressiveness of the group was attractive.

On the Artist Osamu Yokonami

(by EMON Photo Gallery Director, Seiji Komatsu)

Yokonami’s work is imbued with a dazzling transparency in which the purity and incompleteness of the subjects’ expressions are brilliantly portrayed. This particular style of documenting the very second in which these imperfect fantasies come to life is something only Yokonami can recreate.

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