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Major Solo Exhibitions

Ryo Owada

2014 : BACCHUS, Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo

2014 : Banknotes, B Gallery, Tokyo and 2 other cities

2014 : Hakusei zu, hpgrp GALLERY, TOKYO

2013: Night, Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo

2012: Form, H.P. France window gallery, Tokyo

2011 : Form, B Gallery and Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo     

2011 : Form, Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama

2010 :  Log. Canon Gallery, Tokyo and 5 other cities     

2010 : Notes on Photography, B Gallery, Tokyo     

2010 : Wine Collection, Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo

Major Awards

2011 : Photographic Society of Japan Awards: New Talent Award 2005 : reGeneration 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, Musée de l'Elysée, Lausanne (Switzerland)

2004 : Nikon Juna21

2003 : Konica Minolta FOTO PREMIO     

2003 : Fox Talbot Award

Win collection by Ryo Owada

Appearing simply as gradations of red at a glance, these works comprise a contemplation on how simply one might be able to capture the beauty and diversity of wine in photograph–without the ability to record aroma or taste–and perhaps even more than that, how one might be able to visually express the various thoughts and feelings poured into each bottle.

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