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Sarah Fujiwara 

Major Exhibitions and Fairs

2019  "Melting Petals" EMON PHOTO GALLERY(Japan)

2019  Venice International Art Fair (Italy)

2016  "Insights-New Approches to Photography Since

    2000" Photo Shanghai (China)

2015  "La vie en rose"  EMON PHOTO GALLERY (Japan)


2014  Festival PHOTO FOLIES (France) Invited Artist

2014  "La vie en rose" L'Atelier Blanc (France)

2014  "Melting petals" Plug Factory Seoul (Korea)

2013  FOTOFEVER Paris  (France)

2013  FOTOFEVER Bruxelles (Belgium)

2012  "Neuma" EMON PHOTO GALLERY (Japan)

2010  "FLOW" Maison du Chevalier (France)

and more



Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMOPA)

At times the subject is captured directly in a straight photo approach, at other times I search for the most appropriate mode of expression for particular subject, condensing and sublimating it through layers of time and memory. Every thing is a gift of light and shadow from the past and present. Receiving these gifts, I create and present work via both photograph and mixed media.  

On the Artist Sarah Fujiwara

(by EMON Photo Gallery Director, Seiji Komatsu)

Fujiwara sets her focus on the complex, intersecting continuity of plants and simultaneously overlaps the complexity of her own memories, which becomes a way of seeing, a way of conversing with herself. Fujiwara’ s controlled photography is an attempt to know how beauty and order are manifested in nature. It is a unique form of expressing a desire to find the unwavering logic and reason hidden there.

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