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Major Exhibitions and Fairs

Yuji Susaki

2015 : Hole of Human, EMON Photo Gallery (Tokyo)

2015 : Jin-zo part.1 EMON Photo Gallery (Tokyo)

2013 : COSPLAY made in Japan  Emon Photo Gallery ( Tokyo )

2013 : Fotofever Paris  (France) 

2013 : Fotofever (Bruxelles)

Major Awards

2013 : PX3 People's choice award 3rd prize-book people for “ COSPLAY made in Japan” 

2013 : International photography Award 3rd prize for “ Hair of Human ” Given Honorable Mention in Fine art (USA)

Costume play....the enjoyment of dressing up.

Why do people dress up?

To pretend, to change ourselves.

Ourselves on the surface, ourselves underneath.

Before long, I who have become so accustomed to pretense

will lose contact with my true self.

Adorning a falsehood, telling a lie.

Wearing what others wear in order to nestle closer, buying security.

But underneath I writhe in agony, trying to find my true self.

The self I want to protect, and the self I want to destroy.

I exist always as a mixture of external and internal,

naked and clothed.

What am I trying to cover up?

Costume play. Do I really enjoy all this pretending?

I believe I do.

After all, humans have always

enjoyed both the outer and the inner.

Basically speaking, I like things of beauty. However, I feel it very important that within that beauty exists its opposite. The positive and negative, light and shadow I felt in infancy lives on faithfully within me. The very existence of each side of the binary serves to energize its opposite.

My photography is occupied with that which is real, but not with what is really ‘there’. It is what might be called ‘invisible photography’. With my photography I hope to make that which is not ‘real’ as close to actuality as that which is. My interest is very much piqued by this, which is why I have taken photography as my mode of expression.  All of my photography comes together like a single photo montage, to express all that I am.

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