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Vision The artistic evaluation of photography has undergone massive change over the last decade. The simple dilemma encapsulated within the query “can something so easy to duplicate truly be considered art?” is fast becoming a thing of the past. Art might roughly be defined as a thing of beauty; a thing that stimulates the five senses. If so, the diverse and unending nature of photo’s expressive power―its quest to become a process of expressing thought itself―can only add vigour to the exploration of new concepts of art. This is contemporary photography. However, the nature of photo as an art form also limits the extent of expressive freedom assigned to the artist. Photography comes with a major premise: it reflects reality. If anything, the photographer confronts this challenge with pleasure. One hundred years ago, Man Ray dropped a stone into the world of photography, and we have since ridden the ripples into this current, chaotic digital age. The ride is far from over. Storage media capture phenomena before our eyes in moments we call ‘now’, and the possibilities this holds for the advancement of human thought are truly endless.


The EMON archives focuses on up-and-coming artists, taking it’s concept from a desire to encounter photographers and artists possessing a truly untiring spirit of enquiry vis-à-vis their art. My wish is to document the unpainted faces and unadulterated thoughts of these artists, and convey them to the four corners of the globe.                                        

Director Seiji Komatsu







エモン・フォトギャラリー 代表小松整司

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