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Microgravity | Jean Lambert exhibition

EMON (Tokyo)                2018/04/06 fri  -  05/26 sat

MyomanjiTemple (Kyoto) 2018/04/14 sat - 05/13 sun 

Jean Lambert (1968~) is a Belgium-based photographer who began photographing as a young boy; steadily developing a talent for creating tranquil landscape photographs up until 2016. That year saw a shift in creative direction as Lambert’s creative focus was reset upon the phenomenon of gravity, and work began on his series Microgravity.

Capturing the instant in which bodies are suspended in space forms the means by which Lambert seeks to embody the unique enchantment intrinsic in photography. Photographer and subject are momentarily connected in shots of bodies in flight that arguably epitomise the art of freeze frame; the majesty of which are made all the more conspicuous against commonplace backdrops of decaying concrete, coastal skies, forest, and urban landscapes.

Lambert’s methodology centers on depicting the ultimate acts of freedom he captures in photo as a means of eternalizing freedom itself. At first glance, his work appears as straight photography capturing a light-hearted, floating aesthetic. This is not the case. Lambert assigns the despair of the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris as well as Brussels three months later as underlying motivations for this work.

The whole of Belgium was assailed by an indescribable unease, particularly on its border with France, and it is against the backdrop of a society thus burdened that Lambert imbues his work with hopes of freeing peoples’ heavy hearts.

Lambert’s photographs of people in carefree mid-air buoyancy caress the hearts and minds of us who live in these problematic times, and invite a change in consciousness. EMON invites one and all to EMON Photo Gallery Tokyo, and also Myomanji Temple in Kyoto, where Jean Lambert’s works are showing as part of the Kyotographie International Photography Festival’s KG+ program, where they can experience for themselves the new breeze Lambert brings us all from across the ocean.


Jean Lambert (Belgium, b.1968)

Belgian photographer living in Brussels. He discovered photography at an early age and received in1990, his degree in photography from “l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre” where the photography section was headed by Gilbert Fastenaekens.He also studied serigraphy and drawing. After completing this first degree, he worked as photographer assistant, and embarked later on earning two other degrees, one in environmental issues and another one in education. The artist is currently devoting his time exclusively to his own photographic work. He is concomitantly engaged in a poetic and contemplative approach on nature, as well as a documentary work on environmental concerns. 




ジャン・ランバート (1968-)はベルギー在住の写真家です。幼少期から写真を始め、静謐な風景写真を得意としてきた氏は、2016年を境に重力そのものに着目する作品『マイクログラヴィティ』の制作に取り組みます。ランバートは宙に浮く身体の一瞬を捉えて、写真本来の魅力を引き出そうとします。写真家と被写体との間で結ばれる瞬間の行為性は、まさに「ストップモーションの芸術」。その出来事を際立たせるのは、コンクリート壁、海岸、森、都市空間など、ごくありふれたシーンで行われています。


人が軽々と宙を舞うこれらの作品を通じて、さまざまな問題を抱える現代社会に生きる私たちの心の弦をふるわせ、そしてあらたな意識変化へと誘います。海を越えてやって来たジャン ランバートの風を、東京のエモン・フォトギャラリー、また京都国際写真祭KG+の参加プログラムとして、総本山妙満寺で体感してください。

ジャン・ランバート 1968年ベルギー生まれ、ブルッセル在住の写真家。 幼少期より写真を始め、1990年ベルギー、ラ・カンブル国立美術学校にて写真の学位を取得。 学科長はGilbert Fastenaekens。写真と並行してシルクスクリーンとドローイングを学び、その後さらに環境学と教育学の学位も取得。自然に対する詩的かつ瞑想的なアプローチに取り組み、その一方、環境との関係を探求するドキュメンタリー作品に取り組んでいる。


Microgravity / EMON Photo Gallery (Tokyo)

04.06 fri - 05.26 sat   Reception 4.06 fri 18:00〜

東京都港区南麻布5-11-12 B1F Open11:00-19:00 sat-18:00 Closed Sun, holidays

Microgravity / 総本山妙満寺 (Kyoto)

04.14 sat - 05.13 sun

606-0015京都市左京区岩倉幡枝町91 Open everyday 9:00-16:00  

Entrance fee JPY500


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