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jin-zo | 人像展Ⅱ

Period:2018/08/24 fri - 09/22 sat  artist talk 08.24fri 18:00-  reception 19:00-

A group exhibition of five photographers focusing on the primal human form.

Tomohide Ikeya, Naoyuki Ogino, Yuji Susaki, Yoko Mazuki, Hiroyuki Yamada


EMON Photo Gallery is proud to present our second group exhibition, “JinzoⅡ” showcasing middle-aged photographers who have achieved unique ways of expression in their career. In this exhibition, each of their representative works are presented, focusing on the primal aspect of the human form.

Whether male or female, young or old, there are moments when we realize the beauty of the human figure in the midst of lively activity, and also when motionless. A beauty in which senses of mystical wonder and fearful awe combine, the boundaries between each undiscernible. A mysterious energy emanates from the vehicle for life itself that we call the human body—a vital force extant beyond our daily means of recognition.

For this exhibition, the main theme is the human figure captured in photo. These unique artists aim to break out of their shells with works that surpass conventional notions of photography. We invite one and all to come and experience the flag-bearing photographers of the next generation present their unique versions of ‘now’.

Tomohide Ikeya from "BREATH"

Tomohide Ikeya 1973, born in Kanagawa prefecture
Photographer Ikeya dives into the water alongside his subjects and photographs them. The motifs are male and female people of all generations bearing various facial expressions from tranquility to pain. The series “BREATH” revisits the most basic gestures and evidence of life—to breath—and this body of work is a consideration of life itself.

Naoyuki Ogino, born in Tokyo
Brought up in Mexico, and more recently based in Kyoto prefecture, photographer Ogino focuses on the ‘skin’ that covers the human body.
Silver leaf is mounted behind the printed images and a unique technique of using salt during printing evokes a feeling that connects to the primal era of cave paintings. He defines the skin as a boundary that divides inside and outside. For the piece “Ringetsu”, he uses light and a collage technique to reveal ‘the space of the gods’ which exists between the boundaries of the natural and artificial worlds.

Naoyuki Ogino "Ringetsu"

Yuji Susaki 1963, born in Tokyo
A photographer known for his major work “COSPLAY made in Japan”, Susaki reduces the idea of the body to object and observer in order to express his unique eroticism. His philosophical ponderings concerning ‘holes’ in his latest work, present an affirmation of sex and the life of a human being.

Yuji Susaki​ "Hole of Human experiment"

Yoko Mazuki 1963, born in Aichi prefecture
Mazuki concentrates on listening to the language hidden within our body. As if to revive those words in her photographs printed in silver gelatin print, she places shadows of plants onto human skin and aims to express what is deeper within, something we are born with, something that doesn’t rely on our experiences. Her photos convey the moment and essence of the sensation of touch to the skin.

Yoko Mazuki ​from "a priori"

Hiroyuki Yamada 1975, born in Kagawa prefecture
Winner of the 5th EMON AWARD Grand prize, Hiroyuki Yamada taught himself photography and painting, eventually gaining recognition in the form of several awards and exhibitions.
For this series, he captures the prone body in a reclining chair. The camera lens exposes the ambivalence of death and life within the unaware and unconscious human body. A basic question, ‘what is life?’ is expressed with a unique printmaking technique.

Hiroyuki Yamada "No title"

jin-zo | 人像展Ⅱ

会期:2018/08/24 fri - 09/22 sat  初日08.24fri アーティストトーク 18:00-レセプション19:00-

原初的な肉体、そのフォルムにフォーカスした 5人の写真家による合同展

池谷友秀   荻野NAO之   須崎祐次   真月洋子   山田弘幸


EMON Photo Galleryでは、独自の表現を確立する中堅の作家を招き、今回2回目となるグループ展『人像展Ⅱ』を開催致します。本展では、原初的な肉体、そのフォルムにフォーカスする5名の作家それぞれの代表作を紹介するものです。 人は老若男女を問わず、その躍動する姿に、また、ただそこに佇む様子を見る時々で、神秘とも畏怖の念とも見分けのつかない「美」を見る瞬間があります。ヒトという生命体には、普段私たちが認識する理論を越えた、人体そのもから発散される不思議なエネルギーが確かに存在するかもしれません。 本展では、人物写真を中心にその表現を確立しながらも殻を破り続け、写真の概念を越えた活動を行う個性派作家が集います。次世代を担う写真家たちのいまを、どうぞご高覧ください。

08.24(金)18:00より 参加作家によるアーティストトークを開催します。





池谷友秀 1973年神奈川県生まれ



荻野NAO之 東京生まれ



須崎祐次 1963年東京生まれ

『COSPLAY made in Japan』の作家として知られる須崎は身体を「見る」と「見られる」行為に還元し、独自のエロティシズムを表現しています。「穴」を巡る哲学的な思考、生と性の肯定を見いだそうとする須崎の最新作をご紹介します。


『Hole of Human experiment』より

真月洋子 1963年愛知県生まれ


真月洋子​ 『a priori』より

山田弘幸 1975年香川県生まれ

5thEMON AWARDでグランプリを受賞した山田弘幸は、独学で写真と絵画を学び、数々の個展や賞で注目を集めました。 本作はリクライニングチェアーに横たわる人々を撮影。無防備な身体に潜在する、強烈な「死」と「生」の両義性をレンズを通して暴いた作品。「生きる」という根本的な問いを独自の版画手法で投げかけています。

​山田弘幸 『No title』

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