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EMON Tokyo 2019.04.02tue → 04.27sat

Reception/レセプション 4.02tue 18:00〜20:00

Open 11:00-19:00 sat-18:00 Closed sun,holidays

It's almost dawn. I was climbing the mountain path, running out of breath.

The scenery changes from black darkness to deep blue. I was surrounded in the chirping of small birds. The sun rises and the appearance of the cherry blossoms change. The morning view of the blossoms blends with my distant childhood dreams and it looked like the Milky Way.

This Spring, for the first time in two years, EMON is proud to present an exhibition by photo-collage artist Kiiro. For this exhibition we gather together works by artist Kanako Kitabayashi to present aspects of “déjàvu” which both share in their core of artistic expression.

Since 2009, Kiiro has relentlessly pursued the potential of the photograph with a body of work focusing on the cosmos flower. Layering, carving away, combining and dividing images to create his unique photo-collages, Kiiro’s profoundly pictorial approach has gained depth with the passing years, and his recent photographs begin to take on the unmistakable aesthetics of traditional Japanese painting. 

For this exhibition, compared to the series before, which had a vision of life and death, Kiiro’s latest Sakura series are imbued with somehow a nostalgic aspect and re-constructs a sakura seen in memory, using the image of a sakura seen in the light of dawn.15 pieces will be exclusively presented in this exhibition.

Kanako Kitabayashi is an emerging artist graduated from M.F.A. in Sculpture, in Tokyo University of the Arts. So for she has attracted attention in several exhibitions including the solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito in 2018. Mainly as a core, specialized in using ceramic, she lays over several material and creates extra-ordinary objects through her flexible artistic sensibility.

The artwork appears as if it is close to nature, but never seen before. Then we realize miraculously the object is somehow a “déjàvu” of something, some place or time seen before.


Indigo blue, faint pink—this work is imbued with complex hues that belie an artist fixed on a subtle, fleeting something that spills from one’s hand like water even as one tries to grasp and savior it. It might it is a process of uncovering and making visible the poetry concealed within all of nature.

                                                                                                EMON Photo Gallery, Director Seiji Komatsu











                                   エモン・フォトギャラリー ディレクター小松整司




Kanako Kitabayahsi

Kiiro (キイロ)

1978 Born in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

Graduated from Meisei University majoring in oil painting 



Art Fair

2013.TokyoPhoto (Tokyo)

2013.fotofever (Belgium)

2014.Daegu Photo Biennale(South Korea)

2014.fotofever (Paris)

2015.fotofever (Paris)

2016.Festival La Gacilly Photo(France)

2016.Photo Shanghai(Shanghai)

2017.KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ (Kyoto)

2018.Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo)


2010.SCAT横浜赤レンガ倉庫 赤レンガ賞  2013.International Fine Art Photography Award実験部門審査員賞(France)

2014.International Photography Award コラージュ部門3位(Los Angeles)

2014.Le photobookfest BEST30(France)



For a long time in my artist career, I’ve being working on the theme of the cosmos flower. Growing in colonies, appearing at summer’s end, this sweet flower is imbued with somehow a nostalgic aspect. 

The tangled interweaving of stems and buds, it expresses the original definition of cosmos: an expansive, perhaps infinite vastness filled with order and beauty of a sort, yet also imbued with something like a feeling that all struggle in life is in vain. 


Cosmos in Japanese is called ‘akizakura’ (autumn cherry blossom), and therefore it felt necessary to turn my gaze to ‘sakura’ (cherry blossom) that perhaps best symbolizes Japan. The protruding trunks seemed to me as a dragon flying up towards heaven, and in the intertwining branches through which blossoms cascade I see both the “calm” of full bloom and the “motion” of falling blossoms that form a whole universe. 


With the photos I’ve taken, I analyze and superimpose image upon image, I add and subtract layers in my picturesque style. I try to overlay countless photographic fragments, trace time, and seek to somehow approach the beauty hidden within the cosmos or sakura flower. 

Like Noh, where 100 different stories by 100 different people are born in the imagination of the viewer, my works are difficult to convey with words.








北林加奈子 (きたばやし かなこ)

1990東京都出身 ​




2017,Affordable Art Fair (Stockholm)

2017,FIAC2017 Grand Palais(Paris)






2018入選 ​

Artist in Residence

2017.09~10 Yoshio Nakajima Art Center & Raus stoneware factory(Sweden)









その“何か”を分析してみると 偶然見つけた自然の現象だったり、物理の法則だったり人の痕跡だったり、さまざまです







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