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Belgian photographer living in Brussels. He discovered photography at an early age and received in1990, his degree in photography from “l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre” where the photography section was headed by Gilbert Fastenaekens.He also studied serigraphy and drawing. After completing this first degree, he worked as photographer assistant, and embarked later on earning two other degrees, one in environmental issues and another one in education. The artist is currently devoting his time exclusively to his own photographic work. He is concomitantly engaged in a poetic and contemplative approach on nature, as well as a documentary work on environmental concerns. 


Microgravity by Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert

About Microgravity

It is a deliberately minimalist staging work during the shooting: a place, an acrobatic performance and a camera. This way to get the maximum effect with the minimum means is one of the key principles of my work.

The scenes, photographed without any tricks or artifice, play with a particularity specific to photography: the instantaneity. This series recalls that the photographic technique offers a unique opportunity to fix the movement and confronts the observer with an unreal physical dimension of space and time where a new reality is revealed. The suspension of time creates the illusion of escaping from gravity and unveils a new show: the theater of the static moment.This illusion of defying gravity like a child's play represents for me a metaphor for freedom. Floating in space, in fact very briefly, extends indefinitely on the surface of the paper.

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